Orientation Starts This Weekend

Our peaceseekers will gather at the Stony Point Center in New York this weekend for their orientation before their trip. To receive an email alert of every post on this blog that will document their thoughts and experiences throughout their journey, please sign up on the right.



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7 responses to “Orientation Starts This Weekend

  1. Don Mead

    Safe travels to you — we are looking forward to your reports! Peace to you and to all you meet.


  2. anneg415

    Please keep the dispatches coming!

  3. Connie Hammmond

    Best wishes for a safe and successful journey.

  4. Connie E Cochran

    God bless you on this journey. May it bring all the adventure and understanding that you are hoping for!

  5. May your pilgrimage be blessed with fellowship and joy, vision and understanding, and renewed energy and hope for a brighter future for this area of the world!

  6. Good to see tweets about this trip. However, your trip is not only to “Israel.” Your trip is to Israel/Palestine (or vice versa) – I/P for short.

  7. Patti Roy Christianbs

    OMGoodness…I echo the thoughts already expressed. I pray for God’s Presence and Blessings upon every one of you, and for the Land of Israel and Palestine. And at the end of each day, please ask yourself, where did I see God today?

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