No One Asked by Mark Johnson

No one asked

Did you pack

Your own bag?

Has it been

In your possession

The entire time?

Are you carrying

Anything for anyone

Other than yourself?

For the first time

In a dozen years,

A dozen visits

No one asked.

The question has

Been internalized.

But who brings

Baggage to Jerusalem?

Who packs their

Cares for this

Destination, who

Brings others worries

With them to this city

Where walking

These streets

Leaves you weeping

On the hills?

Here where one

Must prove it is

The Center of one’s

Life to legally reside

Unless your mother’s

Line goes back to

Sarah, laughing.

Where concentrics

Now circle round

The center of the

Universe leaving

Saracens and barbarians

Raging at the walls.


Mark C. Johnson
January 7, 2014


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