On Jericho Road by Rick Ufford-Chase

On Jericho Road

This road is the center of the universe

Thousands of years, she said,

People from all over the known world have

Walked between Jericho and Jerusalem. . .

And now a wall, concrete and nearly five of me high

Even the cracks boarded up so no notes

Might be passed, no word shared,

No smile offered, no connection to be found.

Words on a wall. . .

Ignorance reigns

If only I knew where the key is

Civil and human rights, not white privilege

Free Palestine

Here a concrete reminder to work to open mind and heart At all costs

The hands that build can also tear down

Open 4,000 year old Jericho Road

And the dirt whispered child, I’m coming home

The scariest part of a wall

is the way that it numbs

The offensive inures

Till we no longer remember

4,000 years of walking together

On Jericho Road



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3 responses to “On Jericho Road by Rick Ufford-Chase

  1. So beautiful, Rick. Free Palestine!

  2. Erik Mason

    Something there is that doesn’t love a wall,
    That wants it down.
    Robert Frost

  3. May it be so! Thanks Rick for your reflection. Hoping that the retreat this weekend can be fruitful for all of us. Sorry I am not able to attend but Noushin, Ted and Melinda will be there, I know. Blessings, BiLL

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