Paper Prayer by Rev. Kori Phillips

I placed my prayer into the western wall, it started to fall.
As I refolded the paper and put it in the tiny crevasse, I am reminded of the Hindu practice of the Kolam, where women create designs of rice flour on their thresholds every morning. It is a form of painted prayer and ritual that welcomes good fortune along with the rising sun. Throughout the day it fades and is disbursed as people tread by or the wind takes it. In that moment it calmed my need for the paper prayer to linger eternally in the crevasse and if it fades away or the wind takes it, the prayer still remains. I held the paper prayer there a few moments as the Jewish women recited Hebrew prayers on either side of me. I backed away from the wall in respect and as I turned around I heard the Muslim call to prayer echo stunningly from the dome of the rock.
This moment of the intersection of four faiths felt more connective than divisive, more unifying than separating. My prayer is for a mutual understanding of the human dignity of all persons. Amen.




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