Stones and Books by Judy Lee

The other night Bassam Aramin, a Palestinian Muslim, told us about going through a checkpoint.  “What’s in the trunk?”, the Israeli officer demanded.  “Full of stones,” he replied.  Immediately the automatic weapon was aimed at his face.  He opened the trunk and brought out a book, opened it, and showed the checkpoint guard the book about peace.  The guard looked at the book with Bassam, commented about how Bassam was calm and unafraid.  The story ended with a hug between Basaam and the guard.

Both Bassam and Rami Elhanan had young daughters.  Both daughters are dead, Rami’s daughter killed by a Palestinian suicide bomber over 15 years ago, Bassam’s shot in the back of the head by an Israeli soldier as she was skipping home from school.  These two men love each other as brothers.  All they want is for the occupation and violence to end so they can live calm lives in peace.  How can we help make this dream a reality?

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