Ain Lifta by Mark Johnson

On Tu Bishvat

The almonds were bitter at Ain Lifta today

The leaves have not broken the bud

Mistletoe embraces the broken limbs

The blossoms are late this year

And last years fruit hangs like black

Tears the kohl casing curled back

To reveal the small stippled shells.

There was no one to harvest the crop

No one to dip the green carpet of husk

In salt, to see the opalescent nut weep,

No one to taste the tart edge of the meaty

Seed when the ridged paper curl peals

Away, no one to spread the scented oil

As it soothes the bared breast of the bride

Whose groom said a prayer to her beauty

In the square of Deir Yassin while the moon

Shone and rippled in mourning in Ain Lifta.

 photo 4

Mark C. Johnson

Lifta, January 16, 2014


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One response to “Ain Lifta by Mark Johnson

  1. Thank you Mark for sharing your poem and its depth of understanding about the human condition so bare in the landscape there. Looking forward to seeing you in a few days and hearing more about your trip. BiLL Plitt, Vice Moderator, Israel Palestine Mission Network, (PCUSA)

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