The World is Turning Around by Betsy Simpson

This refrain form a song we sang at our closing worship and party was affirming at so many points along our way this past two weeks. It was especially, joyfully, and enthusiastically, shared at the Tent of Nations on Wednesday night and reiterated Thursday morning at Sabeel. Planting trees on the Palestinian hilltop, the gathering in the chapel for song, prayer and the contemporary “gospel” of building relationships with an “enemy” who became a friend and neighbor was a truly inspiring time. It is a holy site and aptly named Tent of Nations.  In the midst of incredible hardship and systemic suffering the stewards of this place refuse to have enemies and always work for peace.  Amal says it best, “Hope builds bridges and fear builds walls.  We are bearers of hope and are called to share that good news with the world , the peace may come to this holy land and spread throughout the peoples of the earth.



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2 responses to “The World is Turning Around by Betsy Simpson

  1. Thank you Betsy for sharing your personal experience on the “farm” at Tent of Nations. It was again affirming to hear yet another one of us who was moved by the courage and faithfulness of the Nassar family, and join a growing group through out the world in search of a better way, a “third way” once offered by Jesus under another period of occupation so long ago. Join us in our work, when you can. Appreciatively, Bill Plitt, Executive Director, Friends of Tent of Nations North America.

  2. Jean White

    Thank you for expressing so well the thoughts and feelings of our delegation following our time spent at the Tent of Nations with the Nasser family.
    Jean White
    Delegation Member

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